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More Basic Chinese

To follow on from our previous lessons, we look at some basic everyday words that have been translated to Chinese Mandarin, Pīn yīn. These basic common Chinese words and phrases could be very useful in many situations when travelling or living in China.   Please note, there is sometimes more that one way of translating a particular […]

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Greetings and Goodbyes in Chinese

If you intend on travelling to China you will need to learn some essential basic phrases. When doing this, there is no place better to start than with greetings and goodbyes. Below, explained in Chinese and English, are some of the most common ways to introduce your self and say farewell to the people you […]

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Numbers in Chinese 1-10


Learning numbers is one of the most fundamental topics when taking on any new language. Converting numbers from Chinese to English is fairly simple. Please see the table below to see how to pronounce the numbers 1-10 using Pīn yīn phonetics. Numbers can also be represented by their own pictographic Chinese characters which will be covered on a later post along […]

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Introducing Pīn yīn

pin yin Chinese Romanization

Chinese Mandarin is often represented in Pīn yīn or Chinese pictographic characters. Pīn yīn is a phonetic system that uses characters from the Roman alphabet. It was developed in the 1950’s and was adopted by the Chinese for appropriate uses thereafter. Many language books that convert phrases and words from Chinese to English use the […]

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Chinese to English Translation


Welcome to Chinese to English. Here you can find information, news and links relating to China, England and the translation of Chinese mandarin to the English language. We also publish general info about anglo/sino cultural differences and any other relevant interesting topics. Please feel free to browse the site and make any suggestions to the editor via […]

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